You know, a successful market day isn’t just about making sales (although they do make it pretty great) . My biggest joy comes from meeting lots of new people who share sewing and ‘making’ as a passion.

The heart beats a little faster and the talking slides up a notch when we start sharing stories. People yesterday were telling me about what past experiences the colours in the fabrics reminded them of, the pleasure and relaxation which comes from their ‘making’ and a common theme: I wish there was more time!

I heard about parents and grandparents who created through sewing, crochet or knitting and passed their love and talents for making onto their children and grandchildren. I heard about moving homes, planning new colour schemes and the excitement and relief of being able to access their packed boxes of materials. It makes my day.

As a textiles and art teacher in a large secondary school I often feel a slight sense of urgency to try to pass on this love of making to my students. Things have changed alot since I started teaching 23 years ago. It seems that fewer students have access to parents or grandparents who ‘make’. It is such a precious thing to create something that didn’t exist in this world until ‘we’ made it. Making really does feed the soul and helps us breathe.

Making is meditation, health giving and generous when shared with others. I told my Year 9 girls last week ‘if you have some solid sewing skills under your belt, a passion for making and a few creative ideas, the sky is the limit and your life will be richer. Oh, and you can even make a little pocket money for yourself (or alot!)’


Market Weekend

This Saturday, the 16 November, is the Emu Plains Market. I’ll be there, along with HEAPs of other stalls, selling a huge assortment of beautiful things and delicious food. The weather is meant to be fine which is a relief because we’ve had a fair bit of rain this week here in and around Melbourne.

On the stall I’ll have lots of fabric fat quarters, some 1 and 2 yard lengths of my printed fabrics (great for making gifts for loved ones for Christmas), screen printed embroidery kits (cushions in green, blue and red on pure linen), pincushion embroidery kits (in red, blue and green on linen), some gorgeous resin rings, some printed and embroidered cushions already made up (for those not yet confident with a needle, or, let’s face it, really busy!) I also have a few cotton voile tunic tops made up in some of my more popular fabrics. They come in one size (they fit me at size 20, and also look great on someone slightly smaller than that). I live in them, with white singlets underneath and they are SO comfortable to wear. Look great over bathers too!

Anyway, if you are planning to visit the Emu plains Market at the Balnarring racecourse on Saturday, please come and say hi. Introduce yourself – I love meeting new people. We can share sewing stories!


Kallista Market

It was a great day on Saturday up at Kallista. Even though it was freezing, there was a fantastic atmosphere. There was a fire burning, music playing, great food and a good variety of stalls. I met some REALLY nice people. My stall next-door neighbour Vicki makes gorgeous ceramic brooches, pendants and clocks. She and I and Amy (lovely person who organises the market) had such a good chat and giggle. I met a few artists who live up there and had some lovely customers. Feedback on my work was great and I really felt a part of a community. I highly recommend this market to anyone who likes to get out in the hills.

When I got home, I applied to have a stall at the Emu Plains (Balnarring) markets which start up again on October 19. It’s a curated market and I was thrilled when Vanessa got back to me almost immediately with a ‘yes, please come along’. I’ve heard really good things about this market through other stallholders. I drove by yesterday morning after breakfast at Linton’s in Mt Eliza to have a look at the space. It’s at the Balnarring Racecourse on Coolart Road. Looking forward to October.

I have a bucket of jobs to do before then. I’m in the process of making a dress pattern for my ‘Annie Tunic’ so that I can offer that for sale. I wore my own to the ‘Craft and Quilt Fair’ a couple of weeks ago and got so many compliments that I thought I’d make it available for others to make up in their own choice of fabrics.

Kallista Market This Saturday 3rd August

Hi. Just to let you know (if you are a Melbournite) that I’ll be at the Kallista Market in the Dandenongs on Saturday. It runs from 9 -2pm. It’s a really lovely community market; beautiful location, lovely food and coffee and of course, other great stalls. It’s well worth a look.

Mulgrave Makers’ Market

As well as my teaching (it’s report-writing season here in Melbourne) I’m getting ready for another Mulgrave Makers’ Market this Sunday the 23rd June. One of the great things about this market is that in the winter months we Makers get to be indoors. The market is run in conjunction with a great Farmers’ Market and is housed at the Body Shop headquarters on the corner of Jackson Rd and Wellington Rd, Mulgrave from 8-1pm. It’s got a great atmosphere and this month there are about 35 Makers. Here are a few examples of my wares.

The Bloomsbury Christmas Stocking

The Bloomsbury Christmas Stocking

Two of my digital prints working together

Two of my digital prints working together

My digital prints cut into fat quarters for crafters

My digital prints cut into fat quarters for crafters

Linen backed, linen/cotton zip purses

Linen backed, linen/cotton zip purses