Last Market This Year

This Saturday is my final market for the year. It’s been a busy second half of the year. The dream is to one day go part time at school and spend the rest of the week on the textiles work, but until the time comes when I feel confident that the business income is steady I work on the business after hours. It’s been pretty hectic and I end up working 7 days a week and at night too! It hasn’t really felt like work though. It’s great because it’s so motivating and I love having a real sense of purpose – also, it is whatever I want it to be. In the last three weeks though, I have run out of puff! I guess the point comes when you have to slow down for a while. School is always frantic at the end of the year and this year we’ve introduced a new programme where the kids have started their 2014 school year 3 and a half weeks early, so we are all-systems go. It’s a great idea which keeps the kids on-task and I can see it will have real educational benefits for them, but boy it’s knackering! That coupled with end of year report writing, being on three interview panels for new staff, completing professional development work and curriculum writing – gosh, I don’t know when I’m going to clear out the textiles store room and do all of my stores ordering – means that I have few reserves left at the end of the day and on weekends. Last weekend I slept alot – frustrating when I really wanted to get into some new design work. Never mind – I realise that I can’t fight it and I just need to ride this time and accept what it is. Also listen to my body. On the 21st December I load the dogs into the car and we head up the Hume freeway to Forster NSW, four hours north of Sydney . Christmas at the beach with my Mum and Aunt will hopefully be a restful and renewing time. I plan to spend as much time as possible creating new designs, reviewing where’ mabel and george’ is now, all that I’ve achieved and how I want it to grow. As I write this I am already feeling excited at being able to concentrate on this thing I’m creating.


2 thoughts on “Last Market This Year

  1. We’ve certainly had a busy end to the year, haven’t we? Exhausting, but oh so rewarding!
    You’ll be at your mum’s by now, but I dropped by here to wish you a wonderfully bright Christmas and festive season – may your muse share your beach towel and help in creating more textile goodness to delight us all in 2014.
    May your dreams come true for you soon.
    Vicki xx

    • Hi Vicki, and a very Mery Christmas to you and yours! Yes, it’s been a bit crazy. I hope that all of your hard work paid off and that your beautiful ceramics are decorating hundreds of lucky people and homes! I am at Mum’s – waiting for some sun so I can get to the beach!!! I love the way you use words – I hope my muse shares my beach towel too. I really hope that you have a lovely rest and enjoy family time together. I’ll be back in Melbourne on about the 14th of Jan, emu plains market on the 18th. Take care, Sarah xxxx

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