From the top: 'Ironing Day', 'Angelica Green', 'Margaret' and 'Francoise Beige'

From the top: ‘Ironing Day’, ‘Angelica Green’, ‘Margaret’ and ‘Francoise Beige’

I just wanted to share with you some images of some of my digital print fabrics. It’s so satisfying to start from a ‘doodle’ in my sketchbook, scan it onto my laptop and then be able to draw all over it and colour it in using my drawing tablet (I’ll take a photo of that soon so you can see what I’m talking about). I feel incredible freedom to be able to design WHATEVER I WANT! The only frustrating thing at the moment is that I’m so busy with the markets, orders, embroidery kits (and teaching of course) that I haven’t had the creative head space to design some new prints. I’m hanging out for the summer holidays. I’ll take my laptop, sketchbook, drawing tablet and reference materials up to my Mum’s for Christmas (she lives on the mid north coast of NSW) and hopefully I can just CREATE. Can’t wait.

The top design is 'Iris', then 'Angelica', "Grace', 'Edith and 'Eleanor'

The top design is ‘Iris’, then ‘Angelica’, “Grace’, ‘Edith and ‘Eleanor’



3 thoughts on “Fabrics

  1. Oh no! Have I missed that many posts? Arrgh.
    Like you Sarah, market-making has been my main (read, only) focus. So much to do, and really never enough hours 🙂

    So lovely to see what you’ve been creating. I like your style, and love your work!

    If we can’t catch up for coffee before Christmas, then we’ll have to make a time in the new year, deal?
    Til then, we juggle our way to the end of the year 🙂


  2. Hi Vicki, lovely to hear from you! Yes, we ARE busy – I read your post about Jack’s feelings. I smiled- it was beautiful. I have two hairy people at home too who aren’t very impressed (well, one in particular who doesn’t like it when mummy’s not just plonked on the couch stroking her. The other one, Daisy, well she’s ok as long as SHE’S plonked on the couch!)) By the way, I have trouble accessing your blog. For some reason I can’t scroll down properly and I have trouble leaving comments. My computer seems to freeze when I’m on your blog!!!! It’s very frustrating because I love reading it. I’ll persevere of course but please don’t be hurt if I don’t leave many comments.
    I still want to try to see you before Christmas, even if I just pop in to your place (I might be able to give you a hand) but if we can’t then yes, when I get back from NSW in mid Jan I’d really like to catch up. We (Lee, Vanessa and I) missed you at Kallista this month. Take care, try and sleep! xxx

  3. I’m so sorry that you’re having problems commenting on my blog. I wish I knew what to do to fix that. I sometimes have trouble with comments on/from wordpress to blogger, so don’t know if that has something to do with it. And, possibly because my blog is image heavy. Not sure.

    Our fur-kids are very patient aren’t they? Dear wee creatures. Where would we be without their love and affection?

    Looks like pre-Chrissie this year will be flat out, for both of us. But, there’s always the new year to ring in and catch up.

    Happy creating Sarah, take care in this crazy-busy season.

    Vicki ♥

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