Making Things

I’ve been busy making plans…. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting sewing tutorials. I thought you might like some tips on how to use basic embroidery stitches to create personalised artworks and/or practical and beautiful textile items. I’ve had lots of people tell me at the markets that they would love to learn how to sew but they don’t know how to start – well, my hope is that you will feel confident enough to try my little projects in the haven of your own homes.

I’ll include materials lists (all available easily at Spotlight), photographs and accompanying text. I love teaching and it would give me such a thrill to be able to help someone try something new. Something I hope would give you pleasure and a feeling of satisfaction and pride.

Alot of people are afraid to put zips in when sewing. I suspect it’s because the instructions supplied with some commercial sewing patterns are very difficult to decipher. Also, I remember my mum always avoiding zips in her sewing because she thought they were too hard. I heard it alot growing up, it was almost an urban myth. I think that  people just weren’t able to access the right kind of help. There are a couple of very simple ways of putting zips in. I’ll set up a simple project or two for you.

Hope you are all having a lovely day! If you are in Melbourne, enjoy the weather!


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