It’s been too long

046044043hello friends, I fear it has been far too many weeks since I last posted. I haven’t felt that I’ve had anything of any interest to say but hopefully i’ve turned a corner. Was bale to catch up with lovely Vicki and Tim at Kallista – so lovely, and we had a good day as usual – great crowd, lovely chats, good sales. On the way home from the market I called in to ‘Metisse’ (stunning little interiors shop in Olinda) because I always like to purchase something small there and their genuine vintage French stock is divine. It’s just changed hands and a lovely interior designer called Lorna has bought the shop and has great plans. Anyway, she saw the bag I was carrying and asked me about it. One thing led to another and I ended up getting everything out of the back of the car to show her. WOW! She took three of my screenprinted and embroidered cushions, has asked me to make two Christmas stockings and three more cushions in my ‘Christmas’ fabrics, and best of all, she asked to get a sample book of my fabric print designs. This is what I set out to do and hope to grow – creating printed fabrics that people would like to have in their homes and on their bodies! I got awfully excited and am always so delighted when others like my work. I’ve since been sewing and printing madly getting ready for the Emu Plains Market which were yesterday. I did it and was pleased. I had a great day. Gosh, it’s a gorgeous market in SUCH a beautiful setting under the stringy barks at the Balnarring Racecourse. I desperately wanted to get around and see what was available at other stalls but I couldn’t leave the stall! Hopefully next month I can nip away but we’ll have to see. It was a very affirming day and I met so many really nice people (I love doing markets for this reason!)


4 thoughts on “It’s been too long

  1. Hello lovely Sarah! Sooo excited for you with the fantastic reaction from the new owner of Metisse!!
    Good things are happening πŸ™‚
    Of course, your wonderful work is delicious, divine and eye-catching.

    Really like those top three images – timelessly beautiful artwork in progress.
    I imagine, like me, you’re gearing up and super busy for the upcoming Chrissie markets.
    If you find yourself heading to the Dandenongs, give me a call – we’ll “window shop” and catch up for a coffee in between Christmas preparations.
    xx πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Vicki – lovely to hear from you as always. Did Tim have to hold the marquee down for you? It’s a bit of breath holding in the wind! Yes, am busy printing embroidery kits. I’d love to catch up for a coffee. I’ll let you know when I’m free (have I emailed you my phone number? I can do that). I hope that you sold lots at Emerald and that all goes smoothly with your preparations (kiln behaving, transfers behaving etc). S xx

    • Hi Sarah – not sure if I have your number in my book, but if you send me an email, I’ll respond back, not sure if I gave you mine! Bit of a ditz at the moment – so much going on in my head.
      And… Mercury is in retrograde again, so ‘he’ doesn’t help, lol.

      Emerald was pretty good. Other stall holders were commenting on “how quiet” it was. Apparently, there were other festivals on, which drew some people away.
      Roll on the Christmas rush, aargh! xx πŸ™‚

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