Make it Perfect

The 'Charleston' embroidery kit sample

The ‘Charleston’ embroidery kit sample

Many, many thanks to Toni at who has very kindly popped images of some of my fabrics onto her blog. Toni designs and produces lovely sewing patterns for women and children (go over and have a look!) They are modern and very sewable (is that a word?). I’ve bought one and I’m delighted with it.

Today has been a glorious day here in Melbourne. This morning I went up to the Ferny Creek Horticultural Society open day and I bought a couple of gorgeous camellias to go into the backyard. Then when I got home I spent a couple of hours photographing work to upload here and onto Etsy. I had to take advantage of the great natural light! It’s been pretty dismal on weekends here and weekdays I’m in a classroom! Trapped! (not really).

I’ve got some more photgraphing to do tomorrow so that i can get some more fabric fat quarters into the etsy shop. They’ve been selling pretty well at the local markets and because I don’t keep a large amount of stock at home I haven’t had many available on Etsy.


2 thoughts on “Make it Perfect

  1. oooh, you know I’m a fan of your delicious fabrics and oh so beautiful cushions, Sarah. Textural, textile delights!
    Long live lovely linen….. say that ten times – after four, I’m saying, “long live lollies”, lol!

    And, what beautiful weather we had this weekend – here’s hoping it holds for our markets next Saturday!

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