It’s Been a While..

It’s been a few weeks since I added a post. Life has been busy, good busy. The lead up to the school holidays was full of report and curriculum writing for school, not to mention meetings, meetings, meetings. School holidays were great, with my niece 10 year old niece Kate coming to stay for a week, and then my Mum for 10 days. We had a great time, lots of laffs and shopping and eating… No creative time during the holidays, but quite frankly, my brain was feeling a bit burnt out. Now I’m back in school, the kids are great and I’m getting back into my own work.

The Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair was on over the weekend and I went along for a few hours. I wore one of my new tunic tops made with three of my fabrics and took along some business cards. Met a couple of really nice ladies at ‘Sew Materialistic’. They have an online store (check it out) and their stuff really appealed to me. . Their fabrics are really fresh and cheerful. Good, clear colours and their other products are also lovely.

They were really kind and asked me about my top. I told them that I’d made the pattern for the top and designed the fabrics. They asked me if I’d been ‘picked up’ by a fabric company yet. How nice! They suggested Riley Blake as they thought my designs would fit with them. I’ve emailed Riley Blake to see if they take design submissions and I’m waiting to hear.


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